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• Line Graining/Deburring Machines
• Plasma Arc & Laser Machines
• Pollution Control Benches • Stroke Sanders
• Buffing/Polishing
• Hand Grinding Stations Benefits
• Safe
• No filters or bags
• Corrosion resistant - Stainless Steel Construction
• Reduced maintenance
• Process various metal types
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Model C3-1200

Model C5-1800

Model C5-2500

Model C7-3000

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Hammond DusKolectors® are independent dust collectors used for isolated machines that cannot be connected to a central dust collection system, or where no central system is available. In operation, the DusKolector® draws the dirty air inside itself where the heavier particles are deposited in a dirt container at the bottom of the machine; either a tray or a 55-gallon drum. The air then goes through filters which remove the finer particles, and the filtered air returns to the room. There is no waste of energy exhausting heated or cooled air to the outside of the building. DusKolectors® are available in three models: cabinet, cyclone, and CycloPlus.

Optional DK-655 with 55 gallon drum

Hammond DusKolectors® are designed to be effective and easy to use, but three caution plates are attached to each machine and these warnings must be heeded to insure safe operation.

Never use the same DusKolector® to collect multiple spark generating materials, e.g. aluminum with steel.
Never use spark generating workholders or fixtures.
Never introduce fire into the DusKolector® system.
Never use a flammable finishing lubricant.
Never use flexible hose for branch or main duct runs.
Never allow accumulations of combustible dusts to remain in the system.
Empty the DusKolector®, bins, drums and bags frequently.
Clean the source machinery, hooding and ductwork regularly.
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Downdraft table for dust, smoke & vapors

• 800 CFM • 30” x 34” table top
• 55 sq ft. flame retardant cotton sateen filter bags.
• 12 ga. steel construction
• Manual foot pedal bag cleaning shaker
• 68 dba noise level
• Removable dust drawer
• Casters for easy movement 800-844-1885 for Pricing

800 CFM, 1 hp motor, 1ph, 100 volt Wt. 355 lbs, Dimensions:
L 34” x W 30” x H 64”
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Model DCV-8

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MODEL DCV-1 Dust collector unit for heavy-duty applications. Use with 20" abrasive saws and 8" belt sanders. Capacity 1200 CFM. Dust bag furnished with unit. 3 PH. 220 or 440V, please specify. Wt. 300 lbs. Dimensions: L 24" x W 24" x H 40".

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MODEL DCV-6 Dust collector with filter. 1 HP, 1 PH or 3 PH. Capacity 400 CFM. Used for 6" sanders and various other models. Wt. 240 lbs. Dimensions: L 27" x W18" x H 28".
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MODEL DCV-4 Dust collector used with 4" sander, could be used with 2" machines. 1 PH only. Capacity 100 CFM. Dust bag furnished with each unit. Wt. 58 lbs. Dimensions: L 12" x W 14" x H 32".

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Model DCV-1

Model DCV-4

Model DCV-6

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400 D/C . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 800-844-1885 for Pricing
600 D/C . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 800-844-1885 for Pricing
Econoline 400
Econoline’s 400 CFM Dust collector features an easy to replace cartridge style filter. This design permits maximum air flow while reducing the likelihood of filter clogging. It also has a 12”x21-3/4” access door and hopper trap door for easy dust removal. A 600 CFM model is also available, and both the 400 and 600 CFM models are available in a bag style dust collector with manual shaker.
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100 CMF D/C BAG STYLE 800-844-1885 for Pricing
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The 100 CFM Bag Style dust collector is an efficient and safe solution to your dust collection needs. It returns filtered air to the room, and features a self-cleaning feature in the bag. The 50 micron polyfelt bag filter can be laundered. Fabricated of 24 gauge steel, this unit requires limited maintenance.
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Upgrade to cartridge-type dust collector with optional photohelic package that automatically controls pulse-jet cleaning.


• Blower Assembly: CDC-
6 (1-1/2 hp); CDC-9 (2 hp)
• CFM at 6” Static
Pressure: CDC-6 (600);
CDC-9 (900)
• Electricals: 230/60/1
standard (others available)
• Standard Cleaning:
Manual reverse jet pulse
• Filtration Area: 452
square feet through 2 cartridges
• Waste Drum Capacity:
16 gallons
• Enclose Size (WxDxH):
35” x 40” x 116”
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Downflo II Dust Collectors

Engineered for reliable performance

The long-standing, most influential cartridge collector in industrial air filtration history, the Donaldson® Torit® Downflo® II (DFT), delivers optimum performance and is one of the best values available in today’s marketplace. A leader in the industry for over 20 years with thousands of successful installations in place, DFT dust collectors ensure steadfast, trouble-free operation. The DFT advantages can be found in the collector’s proprietary design and components.

Now featuring a ledgeless design in combination with proprietary Ultra-Web® filter media and proprietary cleaning technology, the DFT continues its strong performance in traditional applications such as metalworking. It also generates interest and respect in process applications where ledgeless construction is often a requirement. Providing higher efficiency and smaller footprints than any baghouse collector or even other cartridge collectors, DFT adds up to long-term savings and improved performance in many applications.
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