M.C. Finishing sells (WE) Waste Water Engineers flocking systems for vibratory heavy metal and sediment removal. We also sell ADF water evaporators for vibratory and cleaning system waste stream evaporation. We also sell recirculating tanks and sediment removal systems for vibratory effluent.

Liquid Filtration Systems

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Wastewater Engineers, Inc. Presents:

Manual Batch Unit

• Simple, safe, and cost effective method to treat almost any aqueous based wastewater effluent
• Treats a drum of wastewater for less than $1000
• No hazardous treatment by-products
• Guaranteed to meet discharge limits to local sewer
• Compact Design
• Low capital cost Low maintenance, available 1 year, 100% parts replacement warranty
• Ideal for metal working and grinding fluids, vibratory equipment and parts washing fluids, floor cleaning fluids, etc.

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Model RT-200 Gallon

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Roto-Fuge wastewater minimization units are designed to work with tumbling barrels, vibratory bowls or tubs and centrifugal finishing systems. The Roto-Fuge generates centrifugal forces up to 2000 times the pull of gravity to remove particles from the waste stream. The particulate remains as sludge in the basket liner and is easily removed. The solution is usually suitable for re-use or may be discharged to drain, if permitted. Optional agitation and flocculation systems generate clear solution for reuse in the finishing process.
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Model 13


Model 26


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The system consists of a stainless steel tank divided into three sections. Each section is connected by weirs to optimize system operation. Wastewater is introduced to the first section where solids are allowed to settle. in the second section, the fluid is agitated and pumped into the centrifuge located above this section. Centrifugal forces push the particulate from the solution and deposit it in the removable basket liner. The “filtered” solution flows into the third section (or supply tank) and is ready to be returned to the finishing process or drain.
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30 Gal RS-30


150 Gal RS-150


225 Gal RS-225


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*Gas Heat Available

The ADF Evaporator is designed to economically reduce waste disposal quantities by evaporating water from parts washer solutions, water soluble coolants, ink wastes, compressor and mop water.

This is an easy to use stand alone unit which can be moved to different locations as needed.

It has an 85 gallon holding capacity which will hold the tank capacity of most ADF high pressure parts washers. The evaporator can also be plumbed to be continuously filled with transfer pump, from solution or holding tank.

The holding tank is constructed of stainless steel, for long life with a 2" thick insulation layer to provide a safe and efficiently operating unit. The tank bottom is sloped for easy sludge removal through a large 4" NPT fitting.

A large hinged lid allows easy access to tank interior for cleaning.

Model 19 – Stainless Steel, Elec Heat, 5 Gallons Per Hour Evaporator $6,9955
Model 12 – Stainless Steel, Elec Heat, 12 Gallons Per Hour Evaporator $13,9955
Model 20 – Stainless Steel, Elec Heat, 20 Gallons Per Hour Evaporator $20,9955
Model 30 – Stainless Steel, Elec Heat, 30 Gallons Per Hour Evaporator $20,9955

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